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Protecting Your Security with CardGaurd Purchase Alerts

UFirst CardGuard Looks Out for You

Sign up for our UFirst CardGuard, a specialized monitoring service designed to alert you via text or email if suspicious activity is detected on your credit and debit cards. Using CardGuard is like having built-in security against unauthorized transactions or fraud.

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How CardGuard Works

Once you have enrolled in CardGuard (via Visa Purchase Alerts), you decide how and when you receive alerts. If you receive an alert about a transaction you believe is fraudulent, call the Customer Service number on the back of your card to block the card from further use and/or obtain a new card number. You may also use our mobile app card controls to block your card before calling the number on the back of your card to obtain a new card and card number. 

If you receive an alert regarding a purchase you know is legitimate, no action is necessary. 

Feeling safer already? Enroll in UFirst's CardGuard service now; it's easy, it's free, and it keeps you safe. Peace of mind is just a few moments away-- enroll now to enjoy the security of UFirst CardGuard.

Enrolling in CardGuard is Easy

To complete enrollment, you will need the first nine digits of your credit/debit card number to confirm the card's eligibility. Later, you will need your full card number, expiration date and security code to complete your registration and trigger set-up.

After your card is confirmed, you will be prompted to create an account with Visa Purchase Alerts where you will add your email address. Next, you will go to your profile to set criteria for alert triggers and add your phone number to receive text alerts. You can set your account to send notifications through email, text or both methods. 

View a step-by-step enrollment guide
 Cardguard Enrollment Guide 


Triggers Which May Result in an Alert Include:

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