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Merchant Lending Services

UFirst Merchant Lending Services Offer Safe and Fast  Financing

Merchant Lending is an in financing resource for small businesses and other Utah merchants. The service enables merchants to provide fast and secure financing to customers at the point of sale.

A local business owner is ready to accept a customers payment through a merchant service system


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With UFirst Merchant Services, customers can apply for financing and merchant account loans immediately and directly through UFirst Credit Union. Applications are quick to complete and processing is fast, secure, and free. For the merchant, there are no servicing fees, no set-up costs, and no monthly fees to participate. For the customer, there are no application or processing fees. The service is fast, free, convenient, and completely secure.

Our Merchant Lending Services & Merchant Account Loans provide better lending options for merchants to gain more revenue and satisfy more customers. These services also enable merchants to offer financing without risking their business equity or credit rating. It's a win-win scenario for both businesses and their customers. Loan applications are simple to complete and approved loans are funded fast.

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After receiving basic information about your business, UFirst will provide a link for you to access a dedicated online dashboard, just for you and your business. There, you can view customers who have applied for financing and the status of each application. We also provide a link for you to add to your business's website which will enable your customers to easily apply for UFirst financing from your website.

Follow the below links to view the Merchant Lending application and Agreement. 

Merchant Lending Application & Requirements  Merchant Lending Agreement

UFCU logo UFirst Merchant Services are Fast Friendly and Local!

With UFirst Merchant services options, you can provide competitive credit union financing from a local, non-profit financial organization. This enables you to make your business more accessible to more customers, and create a simple and personal shopping experience. With UFirst Merchant Lending, you can offer financing at the point of sale, and you can trust that UFirst will help you provide, not only secure financing, but a smooth, easy and free application process. 

If you have more questions about UFirst Merchant Lending Services, or to become a Merchant Lending partner, please contact us at 801-481-8800. We're here to help you grow your business. 

Remember, UFirst offers business loans in addition to Merchant Lending and Merchant account loan options. If you need to make improvements within your business, if you're expanding or relocating, or if you just need a financial boost to clear any number of obstacles, we have your back. UFirst offers a range of business loans to ensure your business can stay strong and grow stronger over time.

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