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ATM Locations

ATM Locations

Finding an ATM close to you is fast, easy, and convenient

For your convenience, we have locations throughout Salt Lake County as well as two offices in South Davis County. With today's technology you can access your account, make withdrawals and post deposits from almost anywhere.

In addition to the ATMs available at most of our branch locations, we are part of several national ATM networks that provide you ATM service at millions of locations worldwide. To find the ATM nearest your home or travel destination, use one of the following:

30,000 Surcharge-Free CO-OP ATMs

co-op network logoThere are 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs nationwide, with over 500 in Utah, and you can use them without paying a surcharge - EVER! That's thousands more ATMs than most banks have. You can also use these ATMs without paying a fee.

Use the our Locator to find an ATM or call 1-888-748-3266.

woman uses a ufirst credit union ATM

 ATM Locator

co-op network logoFind 30,000+ CO-OP Network ATM locations nationwide

Other Network ATMs

Your card is also accepted at ATMs belonging to the Visa, STAR, Cirrus ATM networks. Service fees apply when using these ATMs.

Interlink Network

With more than 1.4 million merchant locations, Interlink is one of the easiest ways to make those everyday purchases and get cash back. Interlink makes your ATM card work at the point of sale--withdrawing the necessary funds directly from your checking account--all with the security of using your private PIN code.

Interlink is available on your ATM card, so there's nothing more to put in your wallet, no complicated procedures to follow, and--when you request cash back--no extra trips to the ATM. And because Interlink is the largest national online point-of-sale network, your ATM card works at more than a million merchants all over the country.

How to Use Interlink

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