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Financial Tools for Better Finances 

Navigate Your Finances With a Consolidated View

There are a lot of details to keep track of in our daily lives. At UFirst, we believe your financial accounts shouldn’t be difficult to monitor or manage. That’s why we offer a platform of specialized financial tools designed to help you monitor your funds, track your spending, set goals and budgets, and much more! Our Financial Tools provides your own personal financial dashboard help you in assess and plan for your immediate or long-term needs. Plus, you can do so securely and easily from your desktop or mobile phone. Take advantage of this simple way to interact with your finances integrated right into your everyday banking activities.

Assess Your Personal Finances

Budgeting, Spending, Net Worth, Trends and DebtsWith Financial Tools, you can easily add external accounts to your financial dashboard and view them together with your UFirst accounts. Using a variety of precise but easy-to-understand pictures of your financial activity, Financial Tools lets you view all your personal financial data in one place.
Spending helps you track all spending activity by displaying each category of spending during a selected time period.
Budgets helps you create and manage a budget with two options for generating a new budget: system-generated and user-created. The system-generated budget is based on the past activity and user-created budgets enable you to target specific items you most want to track.
Cash Flow
Cash Flow shows the movement of funds in and out of your accounts, even accounts with other financial institutions, to help you see, monitor or analyze your financial standing
Net Worth
Net Worth creates an aggregated view of all your finances to provide a clear view of your financial standing.
Trends reveals a clear overview of your spending patterns over a selected time period. This tool shows a high-level view of all your financial behaviors and can be especially useful when tracking a specific category of spending, such as eating out.
Debts tracking shows a list of your debts in one central, easy-to-understand view. You can also use this tool to calculate and compare interest payments, calculate payoff dates, and strategize to reduce debt. 

Start exploring Financial Tools in online banking today; it’s a simple, effective way to manage and improve your finances, both now and into the future.

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