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When You Need it Most, We Can Help You Skip a Loan Payment

UFirst understands that we could all benefit from having a bit of extra cash in our account. That’s why we offer Skip-a-Pay, a safe program that enables you to skip a monthly payment when you need that cash for something else. 

Whether it’s during summer vacation season, while you celebrate the holidays, or during the times in between when things get tight, UFirst has your back with Skip-a-Pay. All it takes is a small fee and a short form, and you can skip a payment on a qualified UFirst Credit Union loan. All it takes is a small fee and a small form, and you can skip a payment on a qualified UFirst Credit Union loan.

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Skip-a-Pay Program Guidelines

Skip-a-Pay with UFirst Credit Union gives you some breathing room to do more with your money; it’s a great way to stay ahead of your finances or manage an unexpected expense. Here’s more information about how the program works.

Traditional Rules (these rules apply all the time):

  • Participants must make 6 consecutive payments on a qualified loan before applying for a Skip-a-Pay.
  • Participants must complete and submit the current Skip-a-Pay form.
  • A fee of $25 is assessed for each Skip-a-Pay approval.  The $25 fee(s) will be withdrawn from your account at time of approval.
  • Participants may use the traditional Skip-a-Pay 6 times over the life of the loan. 
  • All accounts must be in good standing.
  • For a loan to qualify, UFirst Credit Union must be listed as the lienholder on title(s) and proof of insurance for all collateralized loans.
  • If the loan is set up with recurring automatic payments via ACH (external transfer from another FI), payroll deduction or auto transfers within an UFCU account, participants agree to allow UFCU sufficient time to suspend the payment for the month of the requested skipped payment and to reinstate automatic payments after the requested Skip-a-Pay period.
  • Mortgage loans, home equity loans, student loans, commercial loans, e-cash loans, high-risk auto loans (U-loan), and auto leases do not qualify for the Skip-a-Pay program.

Promotional Rules (these apply during promotional periods):

  • During promotional periods, participants may skip-a-payment before the traditional 6 consecutive payments has elapsed.  All other traditional Skip-a-Pay rules apply.
  • During promotional periods, participants must make their first payment towards their qualified loan before using the promotional Skip-a-Pay program.
  • Promotional Skip-a-Pay may be used up to 2 times per calendar year.

When life throws a curveball, our UFirst Credit Union Skip-a-Pay program is here for when you really need it.

Skip-a-pay is not a forgiveness of the monthly payment rather a deferment of the payment.  By utilizing Skip-A-Pay, interest will continue accruing on the unpaid balance of your loan at the Simple Interest Rate designated in your agreement until your balance is paid in full, and that skipping a payment will have the result of increasing the total amount of interest paid, in which case you may be required to make a lump-sum balloon payment on your originally scheduled maturity date.  Promotional offers are subject to change at any time and without notice and other restrictions may apply. 

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