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Trusted Contact


Protect Your Account With a Trusted Contact

UFirst is committed to the welfare and financial well-being of our members. Adding a trusted contact to your account allows us to take additional steps to ensure this commitment. 

Financial institutions sometimes become concerned that an account holder is experiencing fraud, a health crisis, or another emergency that affects their financial affairs. 

At UFirst, we now allow account holders to choose one or more Trusted Contact(s), like an adult child or close friend, who we can reach out to for extra help in emergency situations. This creates another way for our financial professionals to help protect you and your financial well-being.

Choosing a Trusted Contact 

  • To address concerns regarding potentially suspicious transactions when you cannot be reached. (Detailed information will not be provided) 
  • In choosing your Trusted Contact(s), select people you know would be a good fit for this role. You should choose someone you trust, who is reliable, and has your best interests at heart. You can choose a family member, friend, attorney, or someone else you trust. 
  • Consider choosing multiple Trusted Contacts in case the first person is involved in a suspicious situation. 
  • Unless added as a joint owner, a Trusted Contact does not have the authority to transact on your account, add services, make changes, and has no access to funds.
  • You can switch or remove a Trusted Contact at any time. 

The following are some of the reasons we would call a Trusted Contact

  • To verify large or suspicious transactions when you cannot be reached. 
  • To address possible financial exploitation or fraudulent activity.
  • To confirm changes to your contact information.
  • To check your welfare or health status.
  • To confirm change to guardianship or conservatorship.

Examples of a Trusted Contact

  • Family member 
  • Trusted friend 
  • Attorney
  • Estate trustee
  • Executor of your will 

Contact Us Today 

We recommend that everyone add a Trusted Contact to their accounts, especially those who do not have a joint account holder. To add a Trusted Contact, please reach out to Member Services at 801-481-8800 or visit a UFirst branch to complete a short form. 

By consenting to the use of a Trusted Contact, UFirst Credit Union is under no obligation to contact a Trusted Contact but will do so at their discretion. 

*By adding a Trusted Contact to your account, you authorize UFirst Credit Union to communicate with the Trusted Contact in any means deemed to be appropriate regarding important situations. You understand that this authorization does not replace a power of attorney or trade authorization. The Trusted Contact may not make any decisions or transactions and will not have access to account information. Adding a Trusted Contact is optional and may be withdrawn at any time by contacting the Credit Union. The Credit Union has no obligation to contact the Trusted Contact. This authorization may become void if the Credit Union receives legal documents appointing a third party.  By agreeing to add a Trusted Contact, you understand that this releases the Credit Union of any and all liability in connection with adding a Trusted Contact.

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