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A routing number on a check is a 9-digit number that identifies where your account was opened. Oftentimes, you will be asked for a routing number on a check when you are making an online payment or a payment by phone. A routing number can also be referred to as an RTN. The routing number proves whether or not a bank is a federal-or state-chartered institution and that it maintains an account with the Federal Reserve. 

An account number on a check is like a customer ID or a fingerprint that is assigned to every account holder. Account numbers are used to identify your individual account. Your account number is unique to only you, so guard it like you would guard your social security number or debit card pin.

How to find the Routing Number?

UFirst Credit Union's routing and transit number is 324079416. The 9-digit routing number can also be found on the lower left corner of your check (refer to illustration).

How To Find The Account Number?

Each account number is different for every single account holder. Usually, the account number on a check will be found next to the routing number, as shown below in the illustration. 

You can find your account number by looking on your Member Account Card, visiting one of our branches, or reviewing the set of numbers located directly to the right of the routing number on your checks.


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