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Update Payments for All Your Digital Services in One Place

You have a lot of streaming, shopping, listening, viewing, and other online services right at your fingertips. But updating the payment method for so many services when you replace a card is time consuming and, let’s face it, it’s a pain. At UFirst, there’s a better way. It’s called CardSwap.

This makes it easier to replace lost cards or to open and use new accounts. Just log in, update your payment info once, provide login info for your service providers, and CardSwap does the rest.

By entering your UFirst card information and the login credentials for your subscription services, CardSwap can automatically update your preferred payment information across all selected services.

Benefits of CardSwap

  • Automatically apply new debit or credit card information across all your favorite subscription services, all in the same place, all at once
  • It only takes 24 hours for updates to be made across all services
  • CardSwap is secure and encrypted
  • CardSwap works with both debit and credit cards
Card swap screen

Get Started

Spend less time updating, and more time streaming, watching, shopping, and doing all the things that you love doing. Login to online banking to start using CardSwap today.

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