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Thinking about IVF treatment?

Financing options such as our In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) loan can help make infertility treatment affordable.

Extended payment program for more affordable payments

  • Divides the cost of treatment into manageable monthly payments
  • May cover up to the entire cost of the procedure
  • Can include cost of fertility drugs or other medications associated with the treatment
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What is In-Vitro Fertilization?

In-Vitro fertilization represents a huge triumph of medicine and science. First conceptualized in the 1970s, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process wherein an egg cell and a sperm cell are extracted from their respective organs, fertilized in a lab, and then re-implanted into a uterus, which carries them to term.

IVF, as a process, typically only takes about three weeks. While no fertility procedure is without its risks, in-vitro fertilization has successfully enabled over 6.5 million births from couples that experienced difficulty getting pregnant in the traditional manner.

Infertility is more common than a lot of people think: about 13% of couples have problems conceiving a child through normal intercourse. Fertility procedures like IVF allow for more couples than ever to bring new joy to the world!

How Much Does IVF Cost?

The average cost of an invitro procedure in Utah is roughly $12,000. In addition, you can expect to spend another $3,000 for medications and monitoring post-procedure. While this number may sound prohibitive, it’s important to recognize that what you get for that money is a medical feat that would have been impossible even a few decades ago:  bringing lives into the world that otherwise might not have existed.

There are also plenty of ways to get reductions in the cost of IVF in Utah, such as price-shopping and insurance.  Even if parents don’t have the full cash outlay that might be required, in-vitro loans are available to help push up the timetable.  UFirst Credit Union also offers personal loans for exactly this sort of thing!

What's Included in IVF Costs?

The total cost of IVF will include pre-operation mock procedures and consultation, the IVF procedure itself, medications, and after-procedure care and monitoring.  Be sure to consult your clinic to ensure you won’t be hit with hidden charges or surprise fees.

Many clinics will offer lower rates for bulk purchases.  If you’re planning on having, for example, three cycles of IVF, you may be able to get a lower price on each cycle.  There’s also something called mini-IVF, which is cheaper than full IVF because it uses smaller amounts of fertility drugs.  Talk to your doctor or fertility specialist to see if mini-IVF could be an option for you.

While it’s okay to shop around for the best price, you shouldn’t choose a clinic just because it’s the cheapest.  Make sure you’re cross-checking price and quality.  The main priority is to ensure a safe, successful procedure.

Does Health Insurance Cover IVF?

Insurance companies are not legally required to cover in-vitro fertility in Utah.  While some do, it’s often only partial coverage, and will not enable parents to get IVF at no out-of-pocket cost.

Check with your insurance company to see what portion of the procedure, if any, they will cover.  For the remainder of the cost, you’ll need to either commit your own cash or take out a loan in order to pay the clinic.

If you choose a loan, know that UFirst Credit Union is here to make the process as easy and as painless for you as possible.  We specialize in offering some of the most competitive rates for in-vitro loans available.  We also offer long-term payment plans for Utah IVF loans, so you can take your time and rest assured that your paychecks won’t take too much of a hit.  

Begin your journey to parenthood by getting a personal IVF loan with UFirst Credit Union today!

*Loans subject to credit approval. See current rates and terms. For example the minimum payment for a $30,000 loan with a 11.74% APR and 5-year term is $663.70 Your actual payment may be higher. The monthly obligation will be determined by the total loan amount at the time of closing and the term and interest rate of the loan.
Our IVF loan may cover the entire procedure, as well as any fertility drugs or other medications associated with the treatment. For current IVF loan rates, call our service center at (801) 481-8800. If you have questions about how much your treatment will cost, please contact a financial specialist at the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine at (801) 581-3834 



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