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Opening Your Business Account is Simple and Straightforward

icon What You Need to Know 

We're here to help you and your business thrive. That's why we offer business accounts with all the right features to ensure you succeed. In order to verify your business and the people involved in it's operation, we ask for a few pieces of information while setting up your accounts. All financial institutions are required to obtain this information before opening business accounts; based on the account you need, here's what we'll need to open your business accounts:

General Information for Business Account Requirements

All owners, partners, key executives, and authorized signers must be present at account opening. Please note, the following documents are required (not recommended). 

  • Two (2) valid forms of ID; one (1) must be a government issued picture ID (i.e. valid driver's license, valid passport, state-issued ID card, military-issued ID card, etc) 
  • Taxpayer Identification Number, for both the business and the individuals opening the account
  • Utah requirement of all entities filing with Utah Dept. of Commerce, with Active Status
  • Business organizational documents
  • Additional documents may be requested if needed
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icon UFirst Credit Union is here to support you and your business. Let us help you protect your livelihood and your future with comprehensive business accounts and services. Open your business account today: call 801-481-8800 or visit your nearest UFirst branch for more information. 

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