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UFirst Prime Money Market Accounts

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A High Yield Savings Account for Serious Investors

Making smart decisions with your money can change your future. That's why we want to help you make stronger investments, earn higher returns and safely grow your wealth. With a high yield Prime Money Market account, you can earn high dividends to rapidly build your savings while maintaining easy access to your money. 


What is a Prime Money Market Account?

Like a standard Money Market account, Prime Money Markets enable you to earn higher dividends on the money you save while retaining constant access to your cash. Unlike a  traditional Money Market account, however, a Prime Money Market account offers an interest rate that fluctuates with the WSJ prime rate and pays considerably higher dividends. This means you can earn more money on the money you save. 

Benefits of a Prime Money Market Account

A UFirst Credit Union Prime Money Market account includes strong benefits that can help you build wealth safely and rapidly. 

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Qualifying for a Prime Money Market Account

Qualifying for a UFirst Credit Union Prime Money Market Account requires membership application and a $20,000 deposit of new money. If you don’t have $20,000 to start a new account, you can still benefit from a traditional Money Market account. You can learn more about other Money Market savings options here

*Prime Money Market rates are variable and will change with the prime rate. Rate changes will take effect the month after a rate change. Prime Money Market rate will not drop below 0.30%. A minimum opening deposit of $20,000 new money is required to open a Prime Money Market. Fees may reduce earnings. Terms are subject to change.    

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